Conquest Shooting Staff

To be a Pro Staff Shooter you must be a member in any of the following organizations: A.S.A., I.B.O., N.F.A.A., N.A.A., F.I.T.A. or a member of any national ,state or local sanctioned tournament organization….Otherwise you will be considered for a Field Staff position.

This agreement represents a Staff Shooter contract between Conquest Archery, LLC. (hereinafter referred to as “Conquest Archery”)

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Organization (Pro Staff Only)

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It is agreed:

  • Staff Shooter is expected to exclusively shoot and exclusively promote Conquest Archery products unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing by Conquest Archery and Staff Shooter.
  • Conquest Archery shall provide the Staff Shooter the following:
    • Products and components offered at your Pro Staff Pricing or your Field Staff Pricing
    • Promotional clothing and materials can be purchased at Your Staff Pricing.
  • Staff Shooter agrees to help promote Conquest Archery in every way possible by attending archery events and trade shows whenever possible, promote our products to local dealers, and use social media and internet forums to help educate others about our products whenever possible.

This agreement is confidential and neither party shall disclose the terms and conditions or any sponsorship amounts, or descriptions of this Agreement, we also own rights to any images provided regardless of team standing.

Staff prices are good only thru and/or directly through Conquest Archery and not valid at any retailers or wholesalers.

Read, understood and agreed to by the undersigned:

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This contract is valid for only the year signed, we also reserve the right to void this contract at anytime, if you wish to discontinue your Staff position before the contract is up, it must be agreed upon mutually by both parties.